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Skating Design by Beth Custom Order Information


Thank you for considering me to make your next costume! Below you will find information about the custom order process and pricing. Please reach out with any additional questions you may have.


Custom Order Process



After a dress is requested, I will reach out about design. I will ask for what you envision the dress to look like, the music the skater is skating to, and any dress inspiration photos you may have. This can happen either in-person for local skaters, over FaceTime or video call, or over text/email. After this meeting, I will design and sketch out 2-4 dress options and what their cost and production time would be. We would then pick one of those designs to go off of and make iterations until you are happy with the design. If you end up not wanting to go through with the ordering process, no worries. I just ask that you not use any of the designs I create (ex. please do not take them to another designer).



Each dress is made to the skater’s measurements. If you are an in-person customer, I will help you take the measurements. If you are a remote customer, you will receive detailed instructions on how to take these measurements.



After a design is finalized, you will receive an order form contract detailing specifics about price and timeline. A 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering before production can begin. The remainder of the owed cost is paid before a dress is delivered or shipped.



Dresses take 6-8 weeks for design and production. The order form contract will have an expected shipment date. Rush orders can be done at an additional fee. The rush order charge depends on how soon you need the dress and I will let you know what it will be during the design process.




If a dress does not fit the skater and needs alterations, they will be done at no cost up to 8 weeks after the dress is received. After 8 weeks, I may charge for alterations depending on the situation.



There are no returns or exchanges on custom ordered dresses.



Pricing Information

The total cost of a custom dress is material cost + labor cost + shipping (if needed).


Material Cost

  • Fabric: For an adult freestyle dress, fabric usually costs $70. For a dance dress or a dress with a more complicated design, this can increase by $16-$50. Children’s dresses and other types of costumes (ex. bodysuits, shirts, etc.) vary a lot in fabric cost.

  • Crystals and glue: Crystals are the most expensive and time-consuming part of the figure skating dress making process. A pack of 144 high quality crystals costs around $25 and most dresses require multiple packs of crystals depending on the size and design.


Labor Cost

It takes me anywhere from 5-15 hours to design, sew, and finish a dress. To make pricing upfront, I charge $50 per expected labor hour. The estimated labor hours will be discussed and noted when choosing a design and finalized upon ordering. Labor cost will never change after an order is finalized. If I go over the estimated labor hours, there will be no extra charge to you.



For orders that need to be shipped, there is a $30 shipping charge. If your order requires multiple shipments (ex. one shipment for a try-on and alterations before a final shipment upon completion), I will let you know





For further questions, contact me by emailing!

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