Skating Design by Beth started back in 2015 after I took up designing and sewing my own competition dresses.


After getting into figure skating in middle school and being shocked at the price of a competition dress, much less one that met my high expectations of fit and look, I came to the only logical conclusion: I would have to make my own. Slowly but surely I started making dresses not only myself, but for everyone at my rink. What had started as me avoiding spending money quickly became a passion and I started to design and create dresses for people across the East Coast.


Now, five years later, I have become a skilled and experienced designer and am continuing to use my skills to make skaters' dress dreams come true. 


Please note that I only take a couple orders per month! My other passion (and daytime career) is in neuroscience research so I only have so much time in a day (:

The best way to contact me is through my email: